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Posted on: April 1, 2024 
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Creating a Standout CV and Cover Letter in the Hospitality Industry: Your Ultimate Guidelines

The hospitality field demands exceptional service, and this starts with how you introduce yourself on paper to potential bosses. Creating a resume and cover letter that do more than list your past jobs—they should tell an engaging story about your experiences, abilities, and love for hospitality. Here’s a guide to making your application stand out by turning it into an engaging narrative that highlights your professional paths.

Make Your Resume Specific to Each Job

The old “one resume fits all” approach won’t work in hospitality. You need to customize your resume for the job you want. Looking to manage a hotel? Focus on your skills in leading teams, running operations smoothly, and making guests happy. If you’re into cooking, emphasize your cooking talents, how you keep the kitchen in order, and your dedication to keeping food safe. Remember to point out real wins, like when you introduced a feedback system that raised positive comments by 20% or organized an event that got rave reviews.

Share Your Successes in Numbers

Success in hospitality can be seen through happier guests, more sales, or successful events. It’s important to share your wins in a way that shows their impact. For example, mention if you made the check-in process faster, reducing wait times by 15%, or if your ideas led to better customer service ratings. Frame your successes in a way that paints a picture of your contributions, using the STAR method (Situation, Task, Action, Result) to give your achievements more impact.

Soft Skills Matter a Lot

In hospitality, it’s not just what you can do, but how you do it. Being good at communicating, working as part of a team, and managing difficult situations gracefully is priceless. In your resume, give examples of when you’ve used these skills. Maybe you turned a complaint into a compliment, showing your knack for solving problems and making customers happy.

Your Cover Letter Should Tell Your Story

This is your chance to bring your professional journey to life. Start with something that grabs attention—like a memorable interaction with a guest or a moment that defined your career. Explain why you’re excited about the job and the company, making sure to talk about what specifically draws you to them, like their efforts to be more eco-friendly or their unique way of treating guests.

Highlight Relevant Training and Certifications

With the hospitality industry always changing, showing that you’re keeping up through training is a plus. Mention any relevant courses or certifications, whether it’s about keeping food safe for those in the kitchen or ensuring top-notch customer service at the front desk. These not only show you’re committed but also that you’re up-to-date with the latest in the field.

Use the Right Keywords in Your Resume

To get past the digital gatekeepers (like the Applicant Tracking System or ATS), include specific keywords from the job ad. This might be “managing guest experiences” or “planning events.” Use them wisely to keep your story engaging.

Show Off Your Language Skills

In a worldwide industry, being able to speak multiple languages is a huge advantage. If you can, highlight this. Share times when your ability to speak different languages made things better for guests or helped you work with teams from around the world, showing how you help create a welcoming space for everyone.

Turn Employment Gaps Into Positive Stories

If there are gaps in your work history, present them as times of learning. Maybe you traveled, gaining new perspectives that now add to your hospitality skills. Talk about any breaks as chances for growth that have made you a better fit for the hospitality world.

Keep Your Resume Neat and Tidy

A messy resume won’t do you any favors. Make sure yours is easy to read with clear sections, bullet points for quick reading, and a uniform font. Important info like your contact details, a brief summary of your professional background, and key skills should be easy to find at a glance. Use formatting tricks to make sure the most important details pop.

Get Expert Advice When Needed

Standing out in hospitality might mean getting some expert advice. Talking to a professional resume writer or career coach who knows the industry can give you tips on making your application not just a list of jobs but a compelling narrative of your passion and journey in hospitality.

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